Odot Automation Provides You with Professional Solution for

Industrial Data Collecting and Device Connection.​

Sichuan Odot Automation System Co., Ltd, a technical enterprise founded in 2003 specializing in industrial communication product developing, industrial automation control system design, and integrated and technic service, owns a fifteen-year experience of automation control industry communication technology.


Having past ISO9001 certification and Intellectual Property Management System certification, Odot is a national high-tech enterprise and military-private merging enterprise. As strategic partner of Shenyang Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences, UESTC, and Southwest University of Science and Technology, Odot has been a member of international communication standard organization PROFIBUS&PROFINET Association (PIChina), Ether CAT Technology Association, CC-Link member company, OPC International Fund Organization, China Communication Industry Association, Industry Internet Federation and Edge computing industry Federation.

The registered capital of our company is 10.488 million RMB. We own a factory of over 1500 square meters and an independent technical development center as well as a professional technical team. Now, we have 80 staff, including 16 senior technical talents, 45 undergraduates, 19 special technic talents, 4 scientific prizes, 2 inventing patents, 7 new-concept patents, and 8 software copyright patents.

In the past few years, Odot has put average efforts in three aspects, non-standard automatic system integration, self-brand product sailing, intelligence factory. Now we not only cooperate with industrial cloud platform companies like AliPay, Tencent Cloud, and Aerospace Cloud network in cloud gateway worked with MES factory, but also have engaged in textile, automobile accessories, medicine, electronics and CNC processing and provide integrated data collecting and transferring solving solution for software enterprises.

Our products consist of industrial cloud gateway, protocol converters, intelligently distributed I/O, serial servers, industrial switches, industrial wireless, embedded module, communication annex, etc.
Intelligence manufacture, intelligence factory: cooperated with Foxconn, Fuyao Glass, Yili, Yujiang Die Casting, Alicloud, GSK, NC Central, Fa Lake and other Chinese enterprises and provide professional solutions design and service for bottom data collecting and transmission.

Odot has focused on data collecting of producing devices since 2012 and has provided bottom data collecting solution for textile enterprises, automobile accessory enterprises, cereal & oil processing enterprises, food and beverage producing enterprise, white wine-producing enterprises, making real-time data of factory transmit to upper managing software (MES and ERP) smoothly and accurately, intelligence making executed practically, real-time data of MES deliver first-hand real data to manager producing on site, and intelligence making go forward steadily.



· ODOT set up its first overseas Agent in Istanbul, Turkey in March.

· ODOT set up first two overseas Distributors in Singapore and Malaysia.

· ODOT will attend Industrial Exhibitions in India and Germany.

· ODOT prepared for international trademarks and patents.


· ODOT became a partner of Alicloud in China.

· ODOT set up branch offices in Shanghai and Chengdu.

· ODOT set up R&D center in Shenzhen.

· ODOT R&D investment reached 1 million RMB.


· ODOT opened its online shop on alibaba.com.

· ODOT was entitled as National Military and Civilian Integration Enterprise.

· ODOT was honored as National Hi-tech and Innovation Enterprise.

· ODOT signed Industry-university-research Cooperation with SWUST.


· ODOT Became Pre-IPO.

· ODOT released ODOT product series.

· ODOT released 3 new products of MG Series.

· ODOT got 4 new patents.


· ODOT got investment from PIMC.

· ODOT annual sales amount reached 5 million RMB.

· ODOT total employee reached 60.

· ODOT focused its business on industrial automation.


· ODOT got investment from PIMC.

· ODOT was pointed as supplier of CHANGHONG, JEZETEK.

· ODOT got 2 new patents.

· ODOT released two new products.


· ODOT was founded in Hi-tech city of China- Mianyang.