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CT-2228: 8 channel digital output/24VDC/ Source type

Product Feature:

Module features

◆ the module supports 8-channel digital output, output high level effective, and output voltage 24V

◆ the module could drive field equipment (relay, solenoid valve, etc.)

◆ the module internal bus and field output are isolated by optocoupler

◆ the module carries with 8 digital output channel LED indicator

◆ the module has the functions of thermal shutdown and overcurrent protection

◆ the module supports short circuit protection and overload protection

Product Detail

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Product Details

1. Module Type

2. State indicator

3. Channel indicator

4. Wiring Terminal and identification

5. Internal Bus

6. Field Power

7. Buckle

8. Grounding Resilient Sheet

9. Fixed Wiring Harness

Technical Parameters

General parameters

Power Consumption: Max.80mA@5.0Vdc

Isolation: I/O to internal bus: opto-couple isolation (3KVrms)

Field Power: Nominal: 24Vdc, Range: 22-28Vd

Wiring: I/O wiring: Max.1.5mm2(AWG 16)

Mounting Type: 35mm DIN-Rail

Size: 115*14*75mm

Weight: 65g


Environment Specification

Operational Temperature: -40~85℃

Operational Humidity: 5%~95% RH(No Condensation)

Protection Class: IP20


Output parameters

Channel Number: 8 Channels

LED Indicator: 8 Channels output LED Indicator

Rated Current: Typical value: 500mA

Leak Current: Max. value: 100uA

Output Impedance: <280mΩ

Output Delay   

OFF to ON: Max.100us

ON to OFF: Max.150us

Protection Function:

Over temperature turn-off: typical 135℃

Overcurrent protection: typical value 1.1A


CT-2228 8 channel digital output 3
CT-2228 8 channel digital output 4
CT-2228 8 channel digital output 5

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