CT-3238: 8-channel analog input

Product Feature:

CT-3238: 8-channel analog input /0&4-20mA/15-bit single-terminal

◆ The module supports 8-channel current signal acquisition.

◆ The module can be configured for 0-20mA or 4-20mA current signal acquisition.

◆ The module supports 2-wire (non-loop output, external power supply required) or 4-wire current sensor input.

◆ The internal bus of the module and field input adopts magnetic insulation.

◆ The module input channel is connected to the field active analog signal current output sensor.

◆ The module channel equips with TVS overvoltage protection.

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CT-3238 8-channel analog input  (1)

①     Module Type
②     State indicator
③     (no field channel indicator)
④     Wiring Terminal and marking
⑤     Internal Bus
⑥     Field Power
⑦     Buckle
⑧     Grounding Sheet
⑨     Fixed Wiring Harness

Technical Parameters

General parameters



IO bus isolation

 I/O to internal bus: magnetic isolation (2.5KVrms)

Power isolation



I/O wiring: Max.1.5mm²(AWG 16)


35mm DIN-Rail





Environmental parameters

Working temperature


Environmental humidity

 5%-95% (No Condensation)

Protection grade


Output parameters

Channel Number

8 channels

LED Indicator

8 LED channel State indicator

Input range

Maximum: 0 ~ 23.5 mA

Resolution ratio

15 Bit

Acquisition precision

±0.3% full range, @25℃
±0.5% full range, @-20~70℃

Sampling rate

20 ms / 1 channel

Data format

16-bit signed integer

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