■ Installed on the communication ports PPI/MPI/PROFIBUS of PLC, basically no need for extra power.
■ Support Siemens S7 Ethernet communication drive, including Micro WIN, STEP7, TIA, WinCC etc.
■ Modbus TCP Integration Server, Modbus data zone can be automatically or editorially mapped to register S7-200/300/400.
■ Able to fulfill S7TCP connection, Modbus TCP communication, and support connections of  32 hosts at most.
■ Working temperature 0~60℃

ODOT-S7MPI collects data by converting PPI/MPI/PROFIBUS interface of Siemens SMART 200/S7-200/S7-300/S7-400/ Siemens NC 840D,840DSL, Hobson, UniMAT PLC to Ethernet, and it's very convenient to organize production management system.ODOT-S7MPI V2.0 does not occupy programming ports of PLC, that is, at the time programming software/ host computers software controls and gathers PLC data through Ethernet, touch screen can communicate with PLC by expanding ports, plug-and-play.

  • Ethernet interface

Protocol: S7 Ethernet, Modbus TCP
TCP linking numbers: 32 max.
Number of Ethernet port: 1
Rate: 10/100Mbps, self-adapted MDI/MDIX
Joint: 8 RJ45

  • S7 interface

Protocol support: PPI/MPI/PROFIBUS
Type of interface: DB9(1) 
Baud rate: 9.6K~1.5Mbps

  • X2 interface

Type of interface: DB9(1) 
Baud rate: 9.6K~1.5Mbps
Devices attachable: the communication devices
 that connect Siemens such as the touchscreen 
of Siemens, the communication card of Cp5611,




  • Mechanical

Installing: pull type
Weight: 60g
Size: 65*30*17mm

  • Working environment

Temperature: 0~60℃
Relative humidity: 5~95% (non-condensing) 

  • Power requirement

Input voltage: 24 VDC±20%
Power supply: PLC COM port taking current directly
Power consumption: current Max.100mA@24V

  • Certification


  • Warranty

Period: 3 years

  • Software

Provide GSD documents
Provide test software

ODOT-S7MPI: MPI to S7 Ethernet/ Modbus TCP Gateway,0~60℃,Plug and play. 

  • One set of ODOT-S7MPI

  • Warranty card

  • Qualified Certificate