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Stability test with 100pcs of ODOT I/O connected
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Stability test with 100pcs of ODOT I/O connected
Our engineer is running a 2 days test for stability of IO modules.
ODOT Remote I/O module, cost effective solutions with below details:
1. Protocol Adapters
CN-8031: Modbus-TCP
CN-8032: Profinet
CN-8033: EtherCAT
CN-8034: Ethernet I/P
CN-8011: Modbus-RTU
CN-8012: Profubus-DP

2. I/O Modules
CT-121F: 16 DI sink PNP
CT-122F: 16 DI source NPN
CT-221F: 16 DO sink PNP
CT-222F: 16 DO, source NPN
CT-2228: 8 DO source NPN
CT-2718: 8 Relay Output
CT-3158: 8 AI 12 bits
CT-3238: 8 AI 16 bits
CT-3713: 3 AI RTD(PT100)
CT-3804: 4 AI TC (J, K, E, T, S, R, B, N, C)
CT-4154: 4 AO voltage output, 16 bits
CT-4158: 8 AO voltage output, 16 bits
CT-4234: 4 AO 16 bits
CT-5321: serial port sub-module (RS232/RS485/RS422, supports modbus-RTU /ASCII)
CT-5710: Fieldbus Extended Master Module
CT-5720:Fieldbus Extended Slave Module
CT-5800: Terminal module
CT-5810: Cover
CT-623F: 8 DI source or sink PNP or NPN
CT-7221:Expansion power Supply

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