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New Energy Industry Data Acquisition Case Implementation
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Project Overview

The plant is a new project to provide energy storage battery modules for customers such as solar and wind power. The company has planned its MES system since its founded and the production data needed by this MES system will be collected by ODOT and  written into real-time database.  Then MES system will read data from the real-time database.  This new energy enterprises need to collect data from equipment of 7 PCs of Mitsubishi PLC FX5U series and 6 PCs of Pro - face touch screens.


Field Research Data need to be acquired.

The left diagram shows the data and address table needs to be collected by 3 PCs of PLCS and 2 PCs of touch screens
As it is a new project, the address table is provided by the production line supplier




Project Summary
The products are all adopted with industrial grade design with DIN-rail installation and a fast construction.
Through the middleware developed by us it could write the data into the real-time database familiarized by upper computer software developers from the acquisition server. And this is convenient for the use of the MES software engineer.
All the PLC, HMI and data acquisition server constructed into the network through the Ethernet network and the network structure is simple and clear, easy to be maintained and expanded.