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ODOT Mumbai Expo 2019
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ODOT Expo in Mmumbai 2019

Written in the preface

  At present, the IIOT, smart manufacturing and digital factories are growing vigorously, and the purely product-oriented supply mode has gradually become out of date now. And diversification, deep customization for site and turnkey solution has become the mainstream services from industrial automation manufacturers. ODOT automation is one of the leading enterprises and one of the beneficiaries. We have achieved more than 180% growth in our overall performance with our deep customisation services in the market, among which the service business has multiplied several times over the previous year.


  ODOT automation has already cooperated with nearly 1,500 customers all over the cloud platform companies, MES company,  machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises, various types of system integrators, scientific research institutes, etc. With 16 years of hard work, Odot automation has gained a good public praise and reputation in the market, and its products and services have been well received by customers and partners. To push ODOT products in the world, DODT relies on three important positioning and thinking. 


First, it's easy to use.  End users would trust stability and reliability of Odot product with high quality products. High quality products cast efficient production.

Second, product is with attractive appearance. That is ODOT products to have quality, but also have appearance level. In ODOT, young engineers are the main force, the 90s are the future leader of the team, and so are users. So industrial products must not be made into "bulky and rough", not only with high quality and good appearance, but also with more user-friendly highlight, this could provide a cost to satisfy solution.

Third, the affordable price with deep customization. On the basis of the above two points is to achieve a friendly price. End users of ODOT are positioned in the middle and high-end,  so ODOT mid-end products is price friendly, and high-end products is for deep customization. ODOT has a series of engineering and project cooperation with Siemens, ABB,Mitsubishi, schneider, XCMG and other high-end users.

During the just-concluded Automation EXPO 2019 in mumbai, ODOT automation CEO Mr. Kevin Wang had a deep communication with Dr. Amit Bhingurde, COO of TATA Automation & Robotics BU. They shared a deep communication with the robotic market of India and China.

  Innovation and the breakthrough is the cornerstone of enterprise development. The smart manufacturing,IIOT and digital factory have undoubtedly become the growing trend of global manufacturing.And in the whole industry chain, Internet link would become a key part. The fusion of IT and OT has become very important today, and it has only just begun for equipment upgrading and reformation as a Stock Market. So there would be an explosive growth for the next few years. And the incremental market will continue to iterate, change, and also provide more opportunities.

  The future is just here now, and in the next 15 years, a better ODOT automation has already set her sail.

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