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Remote io a competitive solution from ODOT
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Remote io a competitive solution from ODOT

ODOT remote io is a very cost-effective io module with 12 kinds of main stream protocol in the market. It could be hung with a max of 64 modules, and each io module is built with 16 channels and each channels have LED indicator. So it could supports an overall of 1024 io points with hot plug.
Odot io module is bulit with car grade rules and the WTP covers from -30 to 75℃ with a warranty of 2 years.
ODOt io module is designed with high speed 12M back plate bus, carrying 64 digital quantity modules of a refreshing period at 2ms and analog quantity is 3.4ms.
With the design of Din-rail installation, this compact design, multiple protocols supported remote io module could assure your application much more competitive in the market.

CN-8031   Modbus-TCP Adapter module, 32 slots, input & output max 8192Byte
CN-8032    Profinet Adapter module, 32 slots, input & output max 1440Byte
CN-8033   EtherCAT Network Adapter,32 slots,1024 bytes input,1024 bytes output
CT-121F   16 channels digital Intput/24VDC/sink type
CT-2228   8 channels Digital Output ,source,24Vdc/0.5A
CT-2718   8 channels Relay Output ,( 9~30Vdc@2A、110Vac@0.55A、 250Vac@0.25A)
CT-222F   16 channels digital output/24VDC/source type, single output channel max current 500mA
CT-4234   4 channels analog output/ 0& 4-20mA/16-bit,single ended
CT-3713   3 channels Analog Input,RTD(PT100)
CT-3804   4 channels Analog Input,Thermocouple( J type、 K type、 E type、 T type、 Stype、 R type、 B type、 N type、 C type)
CT-3238   8 channels analog input/ 0& 4-20mA/16-bit,single ended
CT-3158   8 channels Analog Input,0~5Vdc,-5~5Vdc,0~10Vdc,-10~10Vdc,12 bits,Single-end
CT-623F   8 channels / digital input / 24VDC / source or sink type & 8 channels / digital output / 24VDC / source  type, single output channel max current 500mA
CT-5800   Terminal module
CT-7221   Expansion power Supply( System power input 24Vdc,Output 5Vdc/2A,Field power input 24Vdc,Output 24Vdc/8A)

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