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Forwarding and exploring, ODOT has never been stopping


  At present, the IIOT, smart manufacturing, digital factories and other new generations of manufacturing industry are in full swing to promote, the purely product-oriented supply has gradually gone out of time. Diversification, deep customization for site, turnkey solution has become the mainstream services of industrial automation manufacturers. ODOT automation is one of the leading enterprises and one of the beneficiaries.

  "We have achieved more than 180% growth in our overall performance with our deep customisation services in the market. The services business tripled from 2017." Mr. Kevin Wang, CEO of Sichuan Odot Automation System Co., Ltd.  said in an interview with China industrial control network at SIAF guangzhou industrial automation exhibition.

  Throughout the interview, Mr. Wang talked about ODOT owns many innovative ideas and with its value in  intelligent manufacturing and industrial interconnection. He shared his views on the future development of industrial communication and revealed the layout of ODOT automation in the past two years.

ODOT Gateway is applied with Siemens IIOT lab in Chengdu, China 2019

  Upgrading and rebuilding of stock market, deep customization of products and services.

  ODOT automation was founded in 2003, with 16 years of experience in automation control and industrial communication technology, its remote IO, gateway, protocol converter and industrial switches have a wide range of mature industry applications. We currently focuses on  application and solution of intelligent manufacturing and device networking, and we continue our service for large automation integrators such as engineering companies and MES manufacturers, with the cooperation of   XCMG information and Alibaba group. Meanwhile, we cooperates with some domestic cloud platforms too.

  In 2018, ODOT marketing performance increased by 180%, and its deep customization service is growing fastest. "If you just focused on products, you can't do that." In Mr. Wang's opinion, service and product are equivalently important. Service brings about positive growth of products, and also drives the growth of service itself, which is especially obvious in the upgrading and transformation of stock market.

  In terms of product customization, ODOT is more proficient. Mr. Wang told reporters, last year ODOT launched its latest AIObox, this products modularized multiple protocols, DIDO and AIAO and other special functions. The engineer would not cost much time to study it. And it just like a Lego building blocks, plug and play according to the project requirement. Meanwhile, ODOT provides free software for configuration, and it could be configired into the engineer's own DIY products only in few minutes.

  In addition to the customization of products and services, ODOT also provides a large number of engineering and technical services for MES. "In the upgrade and transformation of the stock market, customers such as an IT-oriented company, it is not familiar with the technical issues such as data reading and networking of many non-standard devices on site. This would require engineers from ODOT which is very professional in product and R&D carry out targeted research and development on site, and so the data could be read effectively. "said Mr. Wang.

Three R&D ideas to promote two-way cooperation

  The sustainable development of an enterprise is inseparable from its excellent talents. ODOT has an independent technology research and development center and professional technical team. Among them, the proportion of advanced technical talents  account for a large proportion, which has laid a foundation for its innovative products and vertical & horizontal two-way development.

  In product development, ODOT has three important positioning and thinking.

  First, it's easy to use.  End users would trust stability and reliability of Odot product with high quality products.

  Second, product is with attractive appearance. That is ODOT products to have quality, but also have appearance level. Mr. Wang told reporters that in ODOT, young engineers are the main force, the 90s are the future leader of the team, and so are users. So in Want's view, industrial products must not be made "bulky and rough", not only with high quality and good appearance, but also with more user-friendly highlight, this could provide a cost to satisfy solution.

  Third, the affordable price with deep customization. On the basis of the above two points is to achieve a friendly price. End users of ODOT are positioned in the middle and high-end,  so ODOT mid-end products is price friendly, and high-end products is for deep customization. Mr. wang introduced that ODOT has a series of engineering and project cooperation with Siemens, ABB,Mitsubishi, schneider, XCMG and other high-end users.

  Of course, for the current focus on smart manufacturing and equipment networking of ODOT automation, the most important thing is we will provide deep customization both for the product and application market with the excellent products and technology. "In addition to the previously mentioned new deeply customized AIOBOX, ODOT plans to launch latest product of remote IO in the year of 2020. This product is fully modularized in design and highly integrated. And one module could carry 16 channels with extremely connected network and unique appearance with patent. This product would fill a gap in the domestic market of the industry." said Mr. Wang.

 Focusing on IIOT, boosting smart factory

  Smart manufacturing, IIOT and digital factory has undoubtedly become the growing trend of the global manufacturing. In the whole industrial chain, the interconnection link has become a key part, and the integration of IT and OT has become very important.

  Based on gateway and protocol conversion, ODOT Automation which is the data pipeline for device interconnection plays as the "+" in "OT+IT". In a manufacturing plant reformation, to make the equipment "smart and intelligent", you need to make it "talk". These are the areas in which ODOT is best at.

  "Our value is to help our customers collect valid data, and translate the data into a language which IT could understand, then transmit the translated and analyzed data to an MES or ERP system. Thus it could use technology to boost smart factories." Wang said.

  More and more manufacturers have realized the importance of equipment connectivity in upgrading. Based on the industrial network communication technology, ODOT automation provides services all over Robot, water treatment, power management, textile industry, electronic processing industry, light industry, automobile factory, auto parts and so on.

  "The upgrading of equipment as a stockmarket has only just begun and the next few years will see an explosive growth. And incremental market that continues to iterate and change will provide more opportunities." "Said Mr. Wang.

Stepping up efforts to develop market of south China and overseas, and launching a new plan to set sail.

  As a senior practitioner in the industrial communication area, Mr. Wang also has his own views on the future trend of the whole industry. He believes that with the increasingly extensive application of the IOT and IIOT, there will be huge space for the development of wireless technologies such as WiFi, ZigBee and 5G in the future. However, Mr. Wang admitted that any new technology will not be abruptly emerged, and the future industrial communication technology will be diversified and multi-technology coexisted.

  Speaking of the new plan to set sail at ODOT in 2019, Mr. Wang revealed that, on the one hand, ODOT will increase the development of the south China market, it currently has been building sales and technical support team and will set up a south China office in the future.

  On the other hand, Europe, Southeast Asia and South Asia as overseas market will be the key market. Mr. Wang said that in the past two years, ODOT automation has stepped up the pace of developing overseas markets, and the oversea sales team had participated in exhibitions of Germany, India, Turkey, Malaysia and Peru, and already set up overseas oversea agents and distributors. Meanwhile, ODOT is seeking some local companies with investment orientation to cooperate and push the ODOT automation products and services to overseas market  better and faster. ODOT promises to implement same quality production standard globally, the standard products warranty is 3 years, and advanced products could be guaranteed for 5 years, this would fully ensure the rights and interests of customers.

 In addition, ODOT would also step up great strength in promoting, it holds offline communication meeting and exhibition. While the team is expanded and the marketing efforts has been increased dramatically, ODOT tries to cooperate with peers media to start activities for products experience. This would make it deep close to on-site users and to know the needs of the front line. It would make more engineers in industry to feel ODOT quality products and culture of ODOT brand.

  The future is just here now, and in the next 15 years, a better ODOT automation has already set her sail.