About Us

ODOT automation offers reliable, stable and bankable solutions to help you simplify your production process.

As a leading automation solution provider, we are specializing in industrial communication product R&D, industrial automation control system design, integration and technical services.

Our products has Verification of EMC compliance "CE" BY SGS and Quality Management system ISO9001 : 2015, We are also a member of PROFIBUS &PROFINET Association (PIChina), EtherCAT Technology Association, CC-Link, OPC, CCIA, Industrial Internet Alliance and other associations. And our mentor Kevin Wang leading us all the way until now since we started as a technical company since 2003.

Colorful life

In 2003, ODOT Automation was founded by Mr. Wang, and started as a project company in the Mianyang City.

We built projects with a widely range from PA to FA by our engineering team, and during these time we found profit is dropping while materials keeps on going. This causes less competitive for our project and Mr. Kevin decided to change everything.

In 2013, we started to build our product with the years of experience we gained from the project.

The first product is ODOT-DPM01, a Modbus-RTU to Profibus-DP gateway. And for immediately responsing to market demands, ODOT had build our engineer team as ODOT R&D center. With the R&D center, we have developed an all-encompassing automation data solution from PLC, Controller IIOT, Cloud to Sensors and Actuators to I/O system and via the most popular fieldbuses and ETHERNET standards.

In these years of experience, at the beginning we have started from 11 employees to today with 30 technicians and up to more than 100 employees, and own a factory of over 4000 square meters. Now we built ODOT product line which is consisted of PLC, remote I/O module, integrated I/O module, IIOT gateway, protocol converters, serial gateway, industrial Ethernet switches, industrial wireless, embedded modules and etc.

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Since 2013, ODOT Automation has successfully provided professional field data collection solutions for Auto and New Energy, Wind Power, Textile enterprises, Automobile accessory enterprises, Cereal & oil processing enterprises, Food and Beverage producing enterprise, water treatment, power management, hydro power station, liquor producing enterprises etc. With our expertise the site real-time data could be smoothly and accurately transmitted to the upper level management (MES and ERP), so that the smart manufacturing could be truly implemented and the real-time data of MES could show the first-hand data of the production site.

In 2022, ODOT first PLC based on Codesys V3.5 was tested successful, and in 2023 it will be ready in the market.

We have built a long-term relationship and trust with our customers. We are always happy to provide value added services to beyond customer requirements and expections.

In the future, we will keep Innovation and development more products with "applied, aesthetic, affordable and in-depth tailored services to meet cunstomer requirements".