ODOT CN-8033 test with TwinCAT3

CN-8032-L test with S7-1200 in TIA portal

Test ODOT CN-8032-L profiNET IO with codesys PLC

See ODOT EtherCAT IO CN-8033 connect with Codesys

Firmware update with IO Configure

ODOT CN-8033 EtherCAT IO connect with Omron NX1P2

ODOT CN-8034 EtherNet/IP IO module connect with Codesys

ProfiNet IO of Odot CN-8032-L connect with Siemens S7-300

ODOT's CN-8034 EtherNet/IP IO with Omron NX1P2

ODOT EtherNET/IP IO module of CN-8034 connect Delta PLC

Test of ODOT CT-5321 serial port sub-module as slave with S7-1200

CT 5321 request response mode with S7-1200

Test of CN 8034 with AB1769

CN-8032-L test with S7-200 SMART

Schneider M262 test with ODOT CN-8034 the EtherNet/IP adapter

B64 PL61PB test with S7 1200

BN-8032-L test with Siemens S7-1200