Modbus-TCP Communication Board

  • BN-8031:Modbus-TCP COMM Board,Code: MT

    BN-8031:Modbus-TCP COMM Board,Code: MT

    BN-8031 Modbus-TCP COMM board supports standard Modbus-TCP server communication, and the Ethernet supports the

    cascading function of dual network port switches.

    The device supports the simultaneous access of 5 clients.

    It supports 01/02/03/04/05/06/15/16 function code and Modbus application of watchdog.

    The sum of process data input and output is up to 8192 bytes and it supports 4 extended I/O modules.

    The module carries diagnostic function and it could monitor the communication status of the I/O module in real time.

    It also supports input and output fault processing and network fault detection.