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ODOT CN-8034: EtherNET/IP Network Adapter

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ODOT CN-8034 EtherNET/IP Network Adapter

The CN-8034 Ethernet/IP I/O module supports standard Ethernet/IP protocol access. The adapter supports a Max. input of 504 bytes and a Max. output of 504 bytes. It supports 32 pcs of extended IO modules.

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ODOT Automation has officially launched CN-8034 EtherNET/IP network Adapter this month.
It has been tested successfully with PLC such as AB(1769-L16ER-BB1B), Delta (AS228T-A), Omron (NX1P2-9024DT) and other controllers.

ODOT CN-8034

Technical Parameters

The network adapter is also compatible with CODESYS V3.5.

Max. input is 504 byte

Max. output is 504 byte

Max. explicit message connection is 10

Max. implicit message connection is 5

Max. CIP connection is 10

Max. Bus length is 100m

2*RJ45, 10/100Mbps, self-adaption, full duplex


Technical Parameters

Hardware Specification

System Power: Nominal: 24Vdc, Range: 9-36Vdc

Protection: Overcurrent Protection, Reverse Protection: YES

Power Consumption: 110mA@24Vdc

Internal BUS Supply Current: Max.2A@5VDC

Isolation: System Power to Field Power Isolation

Field Power Supply: Power Supply:22~28V(Nominal 24VDC)

Field Power Supply Current: Max. DC 8A

I/O Modules supported: 32 pcs

Wiring: Max.1.5mm²(AWG 16)

Mounting Type: 35mm Size DIN-Rail

Size: 115*51.5*75mm

Weight: 130g


Environment Specification

Operational Temperature: -40~85℃

Operational Humidity: 5%~95% RH(No Condensation)

Protection Level: IP20


Ethernet/IP Parameter

Protocol: Ethernet/IP

Max. input length: 504 Bytes per assembly instance

Max. output length: 504 Bytes per assembly instance

Max. no. of explicit message connections: 10

Max. no. of implicit message connections: 5

Max. no. of CIP connections: 10

Network Interface: 2*RJ45

Speed: 10/100Mbps, MDI/MIDX, Full-Duplex

Max.Bus Legenth: 100m


ODOT CN-8034-2

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