• C3351 Modbus-TCP/Modbus-RTU PLC controller (codesysv3.5)

    C3351 Modbus-TCP/Modbus-RTU PLC controller (codesysv3.5)

    ODOT PLC C-3351 Codesys V3.5

    1.Reliable, compact, easy to expansion IO, can support up to 32 I/O modules.

    2. It could be applied to multiple industries and scenarios such as mechanical processing equipment, sewage treatment, textile, non-standard automation, etc.

    3. Seamless communication with reliable connection. Modbus TCP Server and Modbus TCP client are supported simultaneously.

    It supports Modbus RTU master or slave.

    4. It is a programmable system that follows the IEC61131-3 international standard. It supports five programming languages such

    as ladder diagram (LD), instruction list (IL), structured text (ST), function block diagram (CFC/FBD) and Sequential Function Chart (SFC).

  • EvoLink E547H PLC controller with IEC61499 standard (Coming soon )

    EvoLink E547H PLC controller with IEC61499 standard (Coming soon )

    EvoLink E547H PLC controller ,New generation PLC based on IEC61499.

    Networking protocol : Modbus TCP、Modbus RTU、OPCUA、EtherNet/IP

    Programming software : EAE and ODOT

    Memory : 256M

    IO module supported :64 pcs


  • CP-9131 the PLC controller

    CP-9131 the PLC controller

    CP-9131 is the first version of ODOT Automation PLC, the programming environment follows the IEC61131-3 international standard programmable system, and it supports 5 programming languages such as Instruction List (IL), Ladder Diagram (LD), Structured Text (ST), Function Block Diagram (CFC/FBD) and Sequential Function Chart (SFC).

    The PLC could support 32 pcs of IO modules, and its program storage supports 127Kbyte, data storage supports 52Kbyte, the data storage area contains input area of 1K(1024Byte), output area of 1K(1024Byte), and intermediate variable area of 50K.

    With built-in standard serial communication RS485 interface, it carries with 2 RJ45 interfaces which is a small PLC with rich functions.

    CP-9131 is the core component of the whole C series, its main work is not only responsible for executing the user’s logic program, but also responsible for all I/O data receiving and sending, communication data processing and other works.  With rich instructions, reliable function, good adaptability, compact structure, easy to expand, cost-effective, strong versatility, programming, monitoring, debugging, field operation are very convenient, the PLC could be applied to a variety of automation systems.

    The Ethernet interface on the CPU supports the Modbus TCP Server function, supports the third-party Modbus TCP Client to accesss data, supports Modbus TCP Client function, supports to access to data of third-party Modbus TCP Server.

    The RS485 port supports the Modbus RTU master, Modbus RTU slave, and supports third-party devices to communicate with PLC through a serial port.